2. Citizens of a new kingdom

If you were to ask the average person on the street, if they could tell you one thing that Jesus taught, I would venture to guess, it would probably be from the SotM. Without a doubt, the SotM is the most well-known, but perhaps the least understood, body of Jesus’ teaching we find anywhere in the gospels. And as we begin this journey together through the SotM, it might be helpful to place it within the larger context of Jesus’ life & ministry. What was Jesus' purpose in delivering this sermon in the first place? And I would say that the overarching theme of the SotM is “What does it really mean to be a citizen of the kingdom of heaven?" That is really what Jesus is talking about all the way

1. The way to true happiness

Christians down thru the centuries have all agreed that here in Matt 5-7, perhaps more than anywhere else in scripture, we have distilled for us the essence of Jesus’ teaching, & the central principles of what it means to live as a Christian. Nowhere else do we encounter a body of teaching so profound & life-changing as that which we find here in the SOTM. At the same time I think we have to recognize that within these chapters are some of the most difficult and misunderstood words Jesus ever spoke. And so I believe it’s important that we try to wrestle with what Jesus is saying here, and how it applies to us personally. I believe if we really listen, and take to heart & do what Jesus says h

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