Modern Myths ... about Suffering

As we continue to look at some of the Modern Myths prevalent in our world today, the myth we want to look at this morning has to be one of the most common and pervasive. And it has to do with the question of human sufferiing. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest stumbling block that causes many people to doubt the existence of God – “If God really is all-loving and all-powerful, then surely he would not allow the kind of terrible suffering that we see around us in the world today?” No one can deny that the world we live in today is a world that is full of untold pain and suffering. Every day we see reports in the news of people devestated by war, millions of children going to bed hungry, familie

Modern Myths ... about God

Last Sunday, we began a series of messages that we're calling “Modern Myths” We want to think about some of the myths that the world has taught us ‑‑ misconceptions about ourselves, about life, and specifically this morning, some misunderstandings that we sometimes have about God. This is a fundamental issue, because what we think about God will ultimately affect what we think about everything else in life. What is God really like? That is a question that has preoccupied mankind for thousands of years. And many people in our world today still have a very distorted, incomplete image of God in their minds. Sometimes people will say, “Well, I don’t believe in God.” The question to ask them is,

Modern Myths ... about Faith

If you study world history you quickly discover that every great civilization has developed a mythology, a belief system that explains how the world came into existence, and how we got to be here on this planet. For eg, in ancient Greek mythology, the Earth goddess Gaia emerges from Chaos and along with her husband Uranus, they form the earth and the heavens. In Chinese mythology, a god names P’an Ku is hatched from a cosmic egg. The top half of the egg shell becomes the sky and the bottom half the earth. And there are many variations on these mythological stories found all over the wrold If you look the word “Myth” up in the dictionary, it is defined this way: any invented story, idea or

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