Jonah: 4. When we are angry at God

This morning we come to the final installment in our series on the book of Jonah. And just in case you have missed some of our earlier messages, let me just summarize the story so far: God had called Jonah to go as a missionary to the city of Nineveh, but at first he refused to, and tried to run away from God by taking a ship across the Med sea in the exact opposite direction. But then in the midst of a great storm, he was thrown overboard and a great fish swallowed him. After 3 days inside the fish, Jonah has a change of heart, and decides to obey God’s call after all. And so he goes to Nineveh and warns them that in 40 days, God is going to destroy their entire city as a judgment against

Jonah: 3. When we turn to God

If you take a look at the modern missionary movement of the past century, one of the great success stories, would have to be what has happened over the last 50 years in the nation of South Korea. It’s quite possibly the most dramatic story of church growth in history. The first protestant Christian church in Korea was planted in 1884. Today, 130 years later, there are over 30,000 churches in South Korea, and 30% of the population are professing Christians. 10 of the 20 largest churches in the world are in the capital Seoul, the largest in the world being the Full Gospel Central Church which has 750,000 members. Even more incredible is that today there are over 23,000 Koreans serving as missi

Jonah: 2. When we cry out to God

On May 27, 1943, an USAF bomber crashed into middle of the Pacific Ocean, killing 8 of the 11 crewmen on board. Only 3 of the crew survived the crash, and they would spend the next 47 days adrift aboard a life raft with little food or water. Finally close to death from starvation, one of those men found himself for the first time in his life, crying out to God to save him. Even though he had never really believed in God, out there on that life raft in the middle of the Pacific, the man made a vow that if God would spare his life and get him back safely home, he would seek him and serve him for the rest of his life. Well that man’s name was Louie Zamperini, and you may have seen his life port

Jonah: 1. When we run from God

Probably for many of us, the most memorable thing about this story is that Jonah got swallowed by a big fish! But there is much more to this book, which we’re going to try to unpack over the next few weeks. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been fascinated by this book, & it's always struck me that there is an important message for all of us here. Isn’t it amazing how even tho the Bible was written by over 40 individuals over a time span of 1500 yrs, all of scripture really contains the same theme, the same message, which is this: There is a God who loves us so deeply, that even though we run away from him & reject him, he will never stop pursuing us, & calling us back to himself. God

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