Worshipping on the Wall

Nehemiah 12:27-43 As you may know, we have just come back from visiting our son and his family in Germany. And when I was there, I got thinking that it was just over 25 years ago, on November 9, 1989, that the wall separating East and West Berlin finally began coming down. On that day, millions of Berliners celebrated together as they were finally reunited after almost 3 decades of separation. That day became a significant symbol marking the end of the cold war. And in our scripture reading this morning, we read about another important day of celebration. But this one was not to celebrate the destruction of a wall, but rather the successful completion of the wall around ancient Jerusalem. As

When Revival comes

Nehemiah 8:13- 9:3 As we look back thru the pages of history, we discover that in almost every generation, there have been those significant moments of spiritual awakening, when the Spirit of God begins to move in a dramatic and unusual way, to bring many men and women and young people to himself, in what is often called Revival. Church Historian J. Edwin Orr, who spent his life studying the history of Revival in the church defined Revival as “an unusual outpouring of the Holy Spirit which brings deep conviction of sin upon God’s people, and the conversion of many others into the kingdom of God” Others have said that revival is like “heaven visiting earth” Now I think you and I all know

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