Mission Impossible

Nehemiah 2:1-18 I don’t know if you saw in the news earlier this week that Elizabeth Elliott passed away at the age of 88. In 1956, her husband Jim Elliott and 4 other young missionaries flew into the jungle of Ecuador to seek to bring the gospel to the Huarani people, an indigenous tribe who at the time had had very little contact with the outside world. The story of how all 5 missionaries were speared to death during that first encounter was reported in newspapers around the world. What caught peoples’ attention was the sacrifice that these 5 young men were willing to make, to give up their lives seeking to share the good news about Jesus to people who had never heard the name of Jesus

The Power of Prayer

Nehemiah 1:1-14 I know I am dating myself when I say this, but like some of you here this morning, I grew up way back in the 60's! (For you younger people, I know that must sound like ancient history, somewhere back in the last century!) In those days, many young people were convinced that our generation was going to change the world! We were going to usher in a new society, where there would be no more wars, no more racism, no more poverty. Well, 50 years later, most of us I think have pretty much given up on that dream. When we look around us, it's painfully apparent that all of the evils of society, that we hoped would be eradicated are still with us, & for many, that youthful idealism ha

Rebuilding the Broken Places

Nehemiah 1:1-14 That moment, on Sept 11, 2001, has been indelibly etched in our memories, and you have probably seen those pictures of destruction many, many times. This is what that same view looks like today almost 14 years later. This is the new World Trade Center, built right beside the site of the original twin towers, it’s now the tallest building in the Western hemisphere. You may have seen in the news, that the new observation deck, 100 stories above the ground, just opened to the public about a week ago. And as I look at these pictures, it makes me think of another great reconstruction project, which takes place in the book we are starting to read this morning: Nehemiah tells the st

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