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We want people to experience the full and abundant life that Jesus promises in John 10:10!  We believe that happens when we are in communion with God and others!  As such, we are passionate about getting everyone in a GROWTH GROUP!

If you would like to JOIN a group or START a new Group, contact our coordinator:

Pastor Adrien (CLICK HERE)

Existing Growth Groups

1. Creole/French Group Over Phone

Mondays @ 9 PM and Tuesday @ 7 PM

Facilitator Pastor Adrien (289) 686-2081

 2.  Prayer Meeting

Join us as we explore principles of prayer and pray.

Wednesday @ 6:00 PM in Church

 3.  A Healthy Soul

Join us as we seek soul healing and abundant life in Christ Jesus.

Sundays @ 6-8 PM

Location: 58 Riceland Rd, Fort Erie

Facilitators: Rev. Dr. Phil Styles & Marilyn Smith

4. Senior Bible Study

Mondays @ 1:30 pm  - open  to all Seniors. 

The Study will be in Romans.

Location: Church (165 Bertie St), in the Fellowship Room up stairs

Facilitator: Marion Seburn.

 5. Women's Study Group

       Mondays at 7:15pm - open to all Ladies

       The Study will be in Romans 8 - "From broken to belonging"

       Location: 693 Brian St.

       Facilitator: Gina Bien-Amie and Sabrina Spooner

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