Locked Down Again...  

The Pastoral Team and your Boards regret to advise that in-person worship will be suspended during the Province of Ontario's 28 day Emergency Brake shutdown effective Saturday April 3, 2021. 


We will return to our online-only Church at Home model during these enhanced public health measures for their duration beginning with our Easter Sunday service. 

We pray for an end to this pandemic and long for the time when we can gather without restrictions or risk as the loving church family we are. In the meantime, if you require anything at all please do not hesitate to contact your Deacon or a member of the Pastoral Team. 

Peace & Blessings


How to Watch Church At Home Live: 

Our live services are broadcast on the church's YouTube Channel which is found here:

Once you're at the First Baptist Church Fort Erie YouTube channel you will see that week's live link. Our broadcast begins approximately 5 minutes before each service. (10:25 a.m.) 

Persons with a Google Gmail account have the option to subscribe to the channel. Subscribers are notified by push notification when a new live broadcast begins.  The subscribe button is red and located at the top right of the screen below the page's title banner. Please note that only those people with  a Gmail account have this option to subscribe. 

The live link is also published to the church's Facebook page here: 

Simply go to the Facebook page at 10:25 a.m. each Sunday and that week's live link will be there.

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